Indica Bundle Pack – Fem & Auto Fem Cannabis Seeds

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Indica Bundle Pack – Auto Fem & Fem Cannabis Seeds:

Select a cannabis seed package comprising 20 carefully chosen feminized and auto-feminized seeds, all originating from four exceptional and distinct Indica strains. Take advantage of a 20% discount, offering a more economical choice than buying four separate packs, each comprising five seeds. Enrich your seed collection with this carefully curated mix of 20 enduring seeds, ensuring relaxing, calming, and tranquil effects from these Indica varieties.


This Indica dominant strain offers a sweet, delicious flavor, packing a THC punch ranging from 15% to 20%, sometimes even hitting 24%. It’s mellow yet potent high makes it perfect for nighttime relaxation and unwinding after a busy day. Known for its soothing body high, Zkittlez is great for de-stressing and enjoying a peaceful evening.

Auto Afghan Kush 

Afghan Kush Auto is an 85% indica-dominant strain that’s easy to manage despite growing up to 60-90cm tall. This plant stays compact with a strong main branch bursting with chunky buds. Its trichomes start popping early in flowering and keep going until harvest, producing loads of resin with a classic, enchanting aroma.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a fun, Indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s a tasty mix of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It’s about 60% indica and 40% sativa. GSC buds typically pack a punch with 19-20% THC, and just a bit of CBD and CBG. Thanks to its Durban Poison roots, some batches might even have THCV.

GSC is famous for its delightful flavors—think sweet mint, vanilla, biscuits, chocolate, and pastries. Its effects are uplifting and great for sparking your appetite. People often turn to GSC for relief from chronic pain, nausea, appetite loss, anxiety, and depression.

Auto Cheese

Ideal for nighttime use, Cheese induces a profound couch-lock effect perfect for sleep or relaxing with a movie. Cheese Auto is easy to grow, yielding top-shelf buds with minimal maintenance, though its strong aroma requires caution.

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🏆 Suitable for Souvenir / Collectable Purposes Only
🚢 Genuine Domestic Australia Shipping
✉️ Fast Despatch via Registered Post with Tracking
📦 Discreet Packaging in Padded Envelope
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✅ Delivery and Quality Guarantee**


*We use Australia Post tracking to guarantee your seeds will be delivered.   However, you have the responsibility of tracking after dispatch to ensure successful delivery.

We provide the tracking code via email 1 day after payment is confirmed.

**All seeds are fresh, top quality & as described and suitable as souvenirs /collectable purposes only.  We do not support any customers acting in conflict with their local state laws, therefore we offer no germination policy for customers outside of ACT or without a medicinal cannabis license.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia?

  • Cannabis seeds are like the life of the party – they're totally legal on their own and can be the key ingredient for some grown-up fun! You can use them for making groovy oils and body care products, exploring natural remedies, safeguarding these little seeds for the future, or even just as souvenirs from your own epic journey. But remember, the laws are changing faster than a game of musical chairs, and in some places, sprouting these seeds for your very own cannabis garden might still be a no-no. Learn more about current Australian legalization laws.

Are these actually shipped from Australia?

  • Yes.  As you’re dealing with a legitamate Australian company this reduces your risk of international scams, shipping issues, exhorbenant costs, customs confiscation etc.   We take care of that headache for you and are here to assist you with dedicated Australian based support.

How are they packaged? Descretely?

  • We utilize various packaging methods to ensure all orders make it through the post successfully with all seeds in tact (not crushed) ensuring any company naming info is generic and unrelated to cannabis naming conventions in any way.   For example, the package may have an obscure generic name on the back (such as ‘irrigation parts’), mentioning nothing about seeds or any bio products.

How do I pay and what are the banking details

  • All purchases are payable by direct deposit or through various cryptocurrencies.    The banking details are provided upon checkout.   To ensure no delay’s with your order, PLEASE ENSURE YOU INCLUDE THE ORDER NUMBER IN THE REFERENCE FIELD when making the transfer.   As soon as the funds have cleared (this can happen instantly with OSKO, or up to 3 days depending on institutions), your order will be packaged and a tracking number sent through to you via email.   The tracking notification normally comes through 1 business day after the funds have cleared so please be patient, we’re working fast behind the scenes to get your orders out quickly and safely.

What is your delivery policy?

  • We despatch seeds using registered post so that you can follow the tracking with the number provided.   The sender details will be generic.  In most cases, your seeds will be despatched next business day and you’ll be emailed the tracking number as soon as it’s available.   Once your tracking number is received, we recommend you to monitor it as our delivery guarantee covers you, but you must advise us within 3 business days of the said delivery if there is an issue.

Are they fresh, female & will they germinate?

  • Our All seeds are super fresh, top quality & as described.  We do not support any customers acting in conflict with their local state laws, therefore we offer no germination policy for customers outside of ACT or without a medicinal cannabis license.

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    These packs are great value!

    28 May 2024

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