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G’day, and welcome to Seeds Please! We’re your friendly Aussie seed connoisseurs, bringing you a showcase of seeds fit for royalty. We carefully gather these gems directly from the farmer and swiftly deliver them to your doorstep with our fast and traceable shipping service. It’s like a magical journey for your green thumb!

What sets us apart is our incredible range of seed strains, some with unique twists and exciting characteristics that will make your gardening experience a thrilling adventure. We’re all about nurturing and nourishing these seeds, providing them with the TLC they need to become thriving, vibrant plants. It all starts with the seed, a little nugget of potential life, and we’re here to build the strongest foundation of love for your garden.

Seeds, my friend, are the very building blocks of life. And it’s our burning passion to supply our fellow Aussies with the freshest, top-quality seeds, packaged with delicate care and delivered satisfyingly fast. So, get ready to embark on a journey of plant wonder with us here at Seeds Please! Please write in English; it’s the language of our green-thumb adventures. 🌱🇦🇺

Legal Information

We are committed to delivering the freshest and highest-quality seeds quickly to ensure our customers are satisfied with their growing results. However, we must emphasize that we do not support any customer actions that violate local state laws. In the case of cannabis seeds, we cannot assume any liability for seed germination in areas outside of the ACT unless a valid medicinal growing license is in place.

This policy is clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions, which customers must agree to when making a purchase.

It’s important to note that the information provided on our website is not intended to encourage the illegal cultivation of controlled substances in Australia. Access and use of this site are restricted to individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis seeds offer a touch of sophistication and versatility. They can serve as adult novelties, facilitate natural remedies, inspire body care products, be kept for the future, transformed into art, or cherished as keepsakes. However, it’s crucial to note that growing these seeds might still be illegal in some places due to evolving cannabis laws. At Seeds Please, we offer carefully selected cannabis seeds for collecting, seed banking, or simply as souvenirs for connoisseurs.

Will the seeds Germinate?

We deal only in seeds that are the epitome of freshness, top-tier quality, and spot-on descriptions. You’re in for a top-notch experience with us.

Now, a word of wisdom – we’re all about following the rules. We don’t endorse any shenanigans with local laws, folks. So here’s the deal: if you’re not in the ACT or don’t hold a medicinal cannabis license, our no-germination policy stands strong. We play it by the book, keeping things legit.

Are the seeds Female?

Yes! We stand by fresh, feminised seeds always. 

Where are the seeds shipped from?

We keep it local down under! Shipping seeds within Australia is our game, no international hassles. You see, when you venture overseas, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride of customs dramas, delays, pesky foreign taxes, and the endless waiting game.

But hang on, mate! At Seeds Please, we’ve got your back. Our mission? To be your seed delivery champs in the land of Oz. We’ve got all the bases covered, ensuring your seeds arrive like lightning, wrapped up tight, and with a big Aussie guarantee of safety.

How are the seeds packaged?

We take extra care to shield your seeds from any mishaps during transit. Our secret weapon? Compostable bubble wrap, coupled with an eco-friendly approach. The entire packaging, from the trusty ziplock bag to all the rest, is designed to naturally break down over time. Plus, our packaging is incognito, ensuring your privacy is maintained every step of the way.