Auto-Flower VS Feminised Seeds

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cannabis grower, you’ve probably come across the choice between autoflowering and feminized seeds. Choosing the right type of seed is crucial for your cannabis growing, whether indoors or outdoors. The best option depends on various factors, mainly your goals and how you plan to grow your plants. It’s important to pick seeds that match what you want to achieve with your cannabis cultivation.

Auto-Flower Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are like the easy button of cannabis cultivation! They flower on their own, no special lighting schedules needed, making them perfect for beginners. These seeds grow into compact plants quickly, ready for harvest in just 8-12 weeks. This means you could enjoy several harvests in a year since they start blooming about 3 to 4 weeks after planting. Plus, they’re tough cookies, shrugging off cold, pests, and mold with ease. When you plant autoflowering seeds, you’re pretty much guaranteed female plants that produce the buds everyone wants. So, if you’re looking to dive into growing your own cannabis with less fuss, autoflowering seeds are your go-to.

Auto-flowering cannabis is a great pick for beginners. These plants are easy to manage, small, and won’t leave you with too much to handle at harvest time. They’re perfect if you don’t have much space and want to save on things like equipment and fertilizer. If you’re curious about growing cannabis but don’t want to spend a lot on big grow setups, starting with auto-flowering plants is a smart move. Plus, they’re tough plants that do well both indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile choice for new growers.


No Light Schedule Worries

Just make sure your plants get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight every day and are kept in a warm environment above 15 degrees Celsius for a couple of months. They’ll flower on their own, so no need to track light cycles.

Quick to Harvest

Auto-flowering plants are ready to pick in just 2-3 months, faster than traditional strains. This means you can harvest more often.

Perfect for Small Spaces

These plants are great if you’re tight on space, growing shorter (1 to 4 feet) without taking up much room. They’re ideal for keeping your gardening discreet, indoors or out.

Medical Advantages

Crossed with cannabis ruderalis, auto-flowering strains often have higher CBD levels, offering potential relief for conditions like pain and anxiety.

Easy to Grow

Suitable for beginners and pros alike, auto-flowers don’t need much fuss. Just give them some basic care, especially early on.

Less Need for Fertilizer

They’re hardy plants that don’t need as much feeding as others, which could save you some money on nutrients.


Auto-flowering plants come with some downsides. They can’t be cloned, which means you can’t make new plants from cuttings of an existing one. They usually produce less yield, which might be okay for casual growers but not for those wanting a lot of produce or a bigger growing challenge. For those, sativa or indica strains might be a better fit. Growing auto-flowers indoors means you’ll need to invest in more lighting, often with a schedule of 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

Their quick growth is a plus, but it also means there’s less time to fix any growing mistakes, which could result in lower quality buds. However, if things don’t turn out well, their short life cycle lets you quickly start over with a new plant, potentially seeing better results soon.

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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are the divas of the cannabis world, strutting onto the scene with bigger plants and heftier harvests that pack a serious punch. They’re like the high-grade espresso of smokable cannabis, offering a stronger buzz than their auto-flowering counterparts.

Sure, they demand a bit more attention and finesse to grow, kind of like raising a star athlete, but you can clone them, which is like having the secret recipe to your favorite cake. The green thumbs with a penchant for adventure and a craving for a bountiful treasure at the end of the cannabis rainbow often go for these seeds.

These seeds are in it for the long haul, taking their sweet time over 12 to 20 weeks from baby seed to harvest-ready. They wait for the perfect moment to bloom, requiring a cozy 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness each day to kickstart their flowering performance.

Buying regular seeds means you’ve got a 50-50 shot at getting a female plant, which is what you want for producing buds. The catch is, you can’t tell if a plant is male or female until it’s done with its early growth stage, and figuring out their gender can be tricky. That’s why a lot of growers prefer feminized seeds—they guarantee every plant will be female, saving time, money, and effort on plants that might end up being male and unused.

With feminized seeds, you skip the hassle of constant gender checks and don’t waste space or resources on plants that won’t make the cut. Plus, you’re sure every plant will grow to produce the buds you’re aiming for.

General Differences

Choosing between feminized and autoflowering seeds is like picking between a high-tech gadget and a trusty Swiss knife—both are cool, but they serve different purposes in your gardening adventure.

Origins: The Backstory Feminized seeds are the brainy invention designed to ditch male plants, which are pretty much the party poopers of the bud-yielding world. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, are like the easy-going friends, born from a mix that includes the chill Ruderalis gene, aiming to simplify life for the green-thumb newbies.

Location, Location, Location Autoflowering seeds love the cozy indoors, making them perfect for the living room gardener. Feminized seeds, though, thrive under the big sky outdoors, showing off their full glory.

Timing is Everything Autoflowers kick into bloom mode on their own, no fuss needed. Feminized seeds playing indoors need you to play DJ with their lights, switching from party mode (18 hours of light) to chill mode (12 hours) to get the flowers going.

Size Matters Feminized seeds grow up to be the tall, striking models of the plant world, while autoflowers are the compact, bushy types, making them the adorable underdogs with a leafy flair.

Harvest Tales Feminized plants are the heavy lifters, bringing in the big hauls of buds, thanks to their towering presence. Autoflowers, though smaller, punch above their weight in resilience and quick turnaround, even if they’re a bit lighter on the loot.

Toughness Autoflowers are the rugged survivalists, shrugging off pests, mold, and the accidental nutrient spill like it’s no big deal. Feminized plants prefer a bit more pampering to keep them happy and healthy.

Potency Party Both seed types can bring the heat with potent buds, depending on the strains you choose. It’s not just about the THC; it’s the whole ensemble of terpenes and cannabinoids that turn up the flavor and effect.

At the end of the day, whether you roll with feminized or autoflowering seeds, it’s all about the love and care you put into your green babies. With the right touch, both can bloom into something spectacular!

To Conclude

In conclusion, whether you’re drawn to the resilience and simplicity of autoflowering seeds or the bountiful yields and stature of feminized seeds, there’s a perfect choice for every gardener. With a bit of care and attention, both types can lead to impressive results, making your cannabis cultivation journey a rewarding adventure. So, grab your seeds, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for a bloomin’ good time!

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