Do Cannabis and Yoga Go ?

Typical Yoga practices often include meditation and deep relaxation methods. Various yogic teachings can include self-talk, diaphragmatic breathing and holding your body in positions while doing so. Cannabis has been used and worshipped in cultures all around the world for its spirit-lifting properties. So why smoke before practicing yoga? pain relief is one of them. The active component in cannabis, THC, is an analgesic that has proven to be just as effective at relieving pain as opiates. The benefits include Higher sense of self-awareness, which can make it easier for practitioners to recognize certain aspects of their practice that need improvement. Potentially reduced feelings of anxiety during the experience, making the yoga practice more enjoyable. It’s important to be aware of some of the downsides to doing yoga while high. Some of the risks with lighting up before practising yoga. A person could fall or injure themselves if they are not focused enough on their practice. Marijuana use can lead to the same issues as alcohol, such as dehydration and anxiety. If this is something that interests you I would recommend doing this at home, this way you are comfortable. Also note that different strains have different effects. Indica dominant strains are generally more tired and relaxing while sativas tend to be energizing. Use a vaporizer for a healthier alternative to smoking.

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